Why PASSION matters!

Nationally recognized Youth Motivational Speaker, Passion Ignitor and School Leadership Expert Lamarr Womble created Passion for Leadership to give the youth the power to choose in work, school and life.  When students are in action around their passions, they believe their dreams can become reality.  The next generation must know that they don’t have to wait to create world changing business, epic school events, creative campaigns, impactful non-profits or powerful projects. They can start impacting world right now.

Your students need to learn how to navigate the information age by learning 21st century skills like creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication that are critical to leadership in 2020.  It begins by helping them find their PASSION which has a huge impact on their LEADERSHIP abilities.  Passion isn’t just a hobby or something you do in your free time anymore.  Educators must recognize that pursuing multiple passions and careers is the NEW NORMAL.  It will give your students the edge as we step into the future!  In my heart I know that helping students find their passion then create projects around their passion can also bring them HOPE and CONFIDENCE. 

Passion for Leadership will not only offer a school assembly but consultations for a holistic approach to inspiring school climate and build culture including staff/teacher training and creative strategies to support academic and social emotional challenges in your school.  Lamarr Womble can bring passion, inspiration and ACTION to your school or conference!

Passion Testimonials

Venus Ricks

Director of Multicultural Affairs
Lebanon Valley College - PA

“Lamarr, having you on campus was a great pleasure!  Students attending the Define Your Passion workshop left feeling empowered and excited about the things they could do, not just on campus but their communities and after college.  The Professional Bootcamp program was just as beneficial for our juniors and seniors in attendance.  Five months later students are still talking about the takeaways from both workshops.  It was great to have your energy, knowledge and passion (no pun intended) for not only leadership but also success!  Thank you again and we would definitely love to have you back in the future!”

Bo Gebbie

Program Director
Nebraska HOBY

“Lamarr and his Passion for Leadership presentation were right on target.  HOBY Nebraska is a leadership program for high school students. We enable students to learn how to think, not what to think.  Lamarr tailored his presentation to our objectives, and reinforced HOBY’s mission.  Lamarr was extremely uplifting and energetic.  He had the crowd on its feet, and not only touched 200 participants, but also their parents and guests.  The feedback we received from the students was outstanding, and we cannot wait to have Lamarr back out our next leadership seminar!”

Deanna Thiede

Media Specialist and Student Council Advisor
Prairie High School - IA

“Lamarr had the students engaged before his presentation even began.  Lamarr had student attention during his entire presentation.  This is the best assembly we’ve had at our school.  Lamarr’s message is for ALL students, not just high flyers.  Lamarr was easy to work with, professional and passionate. Lamarr engages students with a terrific sense of humor and motivates with his empowering message.  Thanks for everything. The students are still talking about you!”

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