Why PASSION matters!

Nationally recognized Youth Motivational Speaker, Passion Ignitor and School Leadership Expert Lamarr Womble created Passion for Leadership to give the youth the power to choose in work, school and life.  When students are in action around their passions, they believe their dreams can become reality.  The next generation must know that they don’t have to wait to create world changing business, epic school events, creative campaigns, impactful non-profits or powerful projects. They can start impacting world right now.

Your students need to learn how to navigate the information age by learning 21st century skills like creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication that are critical to leadership in 2021.  It begins by helping them find their PASSION which has a huge impact on their LEADERSHIP abilities.  Passion isn’t just a hobby or something you do in your free time anymore.  Educators must recognize that pursuing multiple passions and careers is the NEW NORMAL.  It will give your students the edge as we step into the future!  In my heart I know that helping students find their passion then create projects around their passion can also bring them HOPE and CONFIDENCE. 

Passion for Leadership will not only offer a school assembly but consultations for a holistic approach to inspiring school climate and build culture including staff/teacher training and creative strategies to support academic and social emotional challenges in your school.  Lamarr Womble can bring passion, inspiration and ACTION to your school or conference!

Passion Testimonials

Angela Magazino

Programming Volunteer

“Whenever I’ve brought Lamarr into one of our youth programs, he rocked our kids’ worlds. He’s exciting, passionate, relatable, and real with his audience. As an educator, I appreciate that Lamarr spends time getting to know our curriculum and what we hope he can accomplish with our students. Once he’s on stage (whether in person or virtually), the kids are completely zoned into his energy.”

Terri Johnson

Executive Director
Missouri Student Councils

“Lamarr is one passionate speaker! He connects with the audience through personal stories and ignites a fire in them to follow their own dreams regardless of how difficult the path may be. He uses humor and energy to engage the students and keeps them asking for more. I loved working with Lamarr, as he was willing to tailor his presentation to our conference theme and infuse examples that brought it to life. He is a genuine person who wants to help you make your conference one for students to remember. His delivery was charged with excitement and instantly had the attention of the audience. I believe Lamarr is a speaker you will want on your conference line-up!”

Steve Bush

Director of Student Life and Leadership Development
Ivy Tech CC 

“I have had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Lamarr Womble over the past year. Lamarr’s ability to ideate, create, and implement educational content that can be presented in-person or virtually to students has been key when navigating the current environment our society is temporarily operating within. He has been a great ally in the instruction of the students on my campus and has accomplished this through the engaging, unique, and exclusive leadership development content he delivers in our sessions and series together.

I highly recommend Lamarr Womble and his array of keynote speaking services that will engage your students, motivate them to better versions of themselves, and equip them with the soft skills to be productive members of their local communities.”

Lamarr's upcoming book "Legendary: How Any Student Can Be a Legendary Leader" is a collection of lessons from 20 years of student leadership experience! Reserve your copy!

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