The Power Triangle (Keynote)

For Middle School, High School or College

A keynote which Lamarr shares his  life story of  mental and emotional setbacks to learning how to turn them into power.  Discovering his passion gave him options to choose and when you know you have options your power is unleashed!  This keynote will help recipients understand and overcome their life struggle, discover their passion and lead themselves and others to develop skills and to live a more fulfilled life.

Passion: The Culture Creator (Keynote)

For Educators, School Districts, Campus Faculty/Staff
Through Passion, we can connect human beings to what they love.  When they know what they love they have an opportunity to be fully expressed and open in their workplaces.  Often times these spaces are not given to us.  This keynote will give educators fun, engaging and very human strategies on how to build culture through passion.  If your school or campus is ready to take the next step in developing its employees of any generation, you will want to hear this keynote.

Define Your Passion (Keynote)

For Middle School, High School, College and Professionals

The 7 steps to discovering, developing or defining your passion in school, work and life.

Define Your Passion is a keynote that will help your student understand exactly what passion means and more importantly how it feels.  Finding your passion is a 3 step process of discovering, developing and defining emotional triggers and experiences in your life to shape them into a passion.  Passion should shape your career, your leadership ability and your personal life!  The end goal is to help students live and lead happier lives based on the power their passion!

Passion Class (Workshop)

For Middle School, High School, College and Professionals

Passion Class is the in depth follow up to the Define Your Passion keynote. This workshop will allow your student leaders/employees to DREAM big and identify real passions in the world of work. Passion Class will allow recipients formulate, visualize and record ideas to help them reach their personal and organizational goals!

P Squared = Passion and People (Keynote or Workshop)

10 People Ways to Love and Lead w/ Passion! – Middle/High School
Passion and People is P4L’s powerful Anti-Bullying program! Middle and High School students face a number of social challenges throughout their young lives and this interactive program puts a positive spin on issues that surround bullying. This program will focus on how students can create, develop and maintain positive relationships with everyone they interact with in their lives. The ideas taught in this program are tangible and can be utilized immediately to build better relationships with friends, foes, acquaintances, family, teachers, coaches and even complete strangers.

10 People Ways to Love and Lead w/ Passion – College
Passion and People is focused on the team/organization by improving leadership styles and productivity by encouraging students to have passion for the work they do and the people they lead on a daily basis. It distinguishes the difference between management and leadership. This workshop will also focus on personal and professional relationship building skills that will be useful during your everyday life beyond the status quo definitions of leadership and professionalism.

Join Passion for Leadership for this 10 step countdown on how you can have a PASSION for people!

Legendary: How Student Leaders become Legends! (Keynote or Workshop)

For High School/College
Everyone remembers who the Big Man on Campus or Big Woman on Campus was when they were in college!  Who was that person at your school?  What did you admire about them?  What were their best qualities?  How influential were they?  What was their secret sauce to success?  Lamarr Womble has interviewed dozens of students who have left LEGENDARY legacies on campuses all over America along with the advisors who helped develop them!  In this keynote from Lamarr’s upcoming book of the same title students will learn how to:
  • Develop a personal brand on campus/at school.
  • Effectively use social media to lead.
  • Recognize their own strengths and how they apply those strengths to leadership.
  • Be inclusive of all communities that exist on campuses/in schools and within their organizations.
  • Effectively teach students how to balance their social, leadership and academic responsibilities.
  • How to increase creativity to solve challenges on campus/at school.
  • How to choose a leadership track of involvement to become a Legend
  • How brand building and leadership tracks can prepare you for after graduation.

Professional Development Boot Camp (Workshop)

For College, Interns, First and Second Year Professionals

Intimidated by professional America? Never worked full-time before or had an internship? What is expected of you as a new hire? How do I lead a corporate meeting? Bringing together knowledge and experience, Lamarr Womble, founder of Passion for Leadership, will answer these questions and more in his presentation, Professional Development Boot Camp. Lamarr has worked with various schools, organizations and companies including speaking at the Big 12 Conference on Black Student Government, University of Missouri – Kansas City, Omaha Jaycees, TEDx Omaha, Omaha Young Professionals Summit, Sprint and TD Ameritrade. Lamarr has worked closely with Fortune 500 Companies, college students and young professionals across the nation for the past 5 years. From these experiences, he has developed his Professional Development Boot Camp to empower new college hires and interns to reach their goals and make a smooth transition from college to the professional world! This workshop literally fills in the gaps for students and young professionals between what you don’t learn in college and what you have to learn on the job once you start.