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Lamarr Womble is the founder of Passion for Leadership. He was first inspired to become a motivational speaker after he attended a National Conference on Student Leadership (NCSL) in Orlando, Florida in 2005. He always had a knack for leadership, passion for people and was heavily involved in leadership positions during high school and college. From having these experiences, Lamarr discovered his interest in business and public speaking. After attending the National Conference on Student Leadership he was very motivated to pursue speaking to you with the goal of giving them perspective from his point of view.

He launched Passion for Leadership in 2008 and since then has spoken to over 50,000 students and professionals about how they can find their passion!  Lamarr doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk as a Dream Director in a New York City high school through the education startup, The Future Project.  As a Dream Director he is able to implement on a day to day basis all of the motivational strategies he presents in his keynotes/workshops.

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P4L’s mission is to deliver a message that empowers students to develop and prepare personally and professionally to live and lead with passion by keeping reality and the future in mind through workshops and motivational communications. The student are and always will be our #1 focus.

P4L’s vision is to provide students the resources necessary to be successful through motivational communication and workshops by complimenting those communications with individual coaching and mentoring, life skills training and professional development.

P4L’s Passion Pledge We pledge from this day forward that we will live life to the fullest, treat people with respect, take advantage of  all  of our opportunities, make it our mission to find our passion, keep it real and know our next step to accomplish our goals and live our dreams.