Student Passion Projects

Darnae Pauley

Darnae Pauley is a Freshman at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Before she graduated he was able to turn her mess into a message when she created a fundraiser to support children’s cancer patients. Darnae was a survivor of Leukemia herself and wanted to empower youth to stay strong!

Amada Allende

Amada Allende is a Sophomore at Monroe College. Her Senior year, she created the 1st campus wide art show for the 5 highschools in the building. Amada’s passion at one point was photography but by the time she started college she wanted to own her own hotel. Even though her passions changed she still created the platform for other artists to showcase their passions!

Theo Burtis  

Theo is a senior at Liberty University majoring in business. He is also a motivational speaker and podcast host of the 1D1 Weekly Podcast. Theo and I have also partnered up to create The You Book journal specifically for college students.