Produce Content, Consume Less!

Over the last year I’ve pumped out a lot of content on the web around student motivation, finding passion and education strategy.  It takes consistency, matching your strengths to the publishing medium you thrive best in and finally always providing value to the people you are giving information to.  Educate, inspire and entertain in your video ventures.  I listen closely to my favorite entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, when it comes to all things social media particularly producing video content.  Gary often refers to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube as the new ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.  Think about how much content you consume on your phone alone now and not from the TV or even the laptop/desktop computer.

The beauty of the web is you don’t know how impactful your stuff can be to those who don’t like or comment.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t consuming your content although you would prefer to engage them.  You have to keep putting out content even if it’s getting 1 view and creatively use the social medias to get the attention you are seeking.  This may not turn profits right away but it will allow you to brand build aggressively (the point).

Developing Video Content Tips:

1) post new videos weekly/multiple times a week or at a set time I.e Friday’s at Noon
2) start an episode count
3) great video editing app – truly can be all mobile – Splice
4) title videos with How To’s and put cover photo over them on YouTube
5)  You have to start somewhere instead of talking about hard it is to achieve the level of someone else’s success.
6) Utilize FB Live aggressively

I just want to say THANK YOU to anybody and everybody that is taking the time to watch my stuff and interact with me online.  I really am grateful and hope that’s it helping you live a happier life.  It’s truly all I want for you.