Angela Magazino

Chief of Programming Development and Training, HOBY


“Whenever I’ve brought Lamarr into one of our youth programs, he rocked our kids’ worlds. He’s exciting, passionate, relatable, and real with his audience. As an educator, I appreciate that Lamarr spends time getting to know our curriculum and what we hope he can accomplish with our students. Once he’s on stage (whether in person or virtually), the kids are completely zoned into his energy.”

Terri Johnson

Executive Director, Missouri Student Councils

Missouri Student Councils

“Lamarr is one passionate speaker! He connects with the audience through personal stories and ignites a fire in them to follow their own dreams regardless of how difficult the path may be. He uses humor and energy to engage the students and keeps them asking for more. I loved working with Lamarr, as he was willing to tailor his presentation to our conference theme and infuse examples that brought it to life. He is a genuine person who wants to help you make your conference one for students to remember. His delivery was charged with excitement and instantly had the attention of the audience. I believe Lamarr is a speaker you will want on your conference line-up!”

Steve Bush

Director of Student Life and Leadership Development, Ivy Tech CC 

Ivy Tech CC 

“I have had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Lamarr Womble over the past year. Lamarr’s ability to ideate, create, and implement educational content that can be presented in-person or virtually to students has been key when navigating the current environment our society is temporarily operating within. He has been a great ally in the instruction of the students on my campus and has accomplished this through the engaging, unique, and exclusive leadership development content he delivers in our sessions and series together.

I highly recommend Lamarr Womble and his array of keynote speaking services that will engage your students, motivate them to better versions of themselves, and equip them with the soft skills to be productive members of their local communities.”

Venus Ricks

Director of Multicultural Affairs, Lebanon Valley College - PA

Lebanon Valley College - PA

“Lamarr, having you on campus was a great pleasure!  Students attending the Define Your Passion workshop left feeling empowered and excited about the things they could do, not just on campus but their communities and after college.  The Professional Bootcamp program was just as beneficial for our juniors and seniors in attendance.  Five months later students are still talking about the takeaways from both workshops.  It was great to have your energy, knowledge and passion (no pun intended) for not only leadership but also success!  Thank you again and we would definitely love to have you back in the future!”

Bo Gebbie

Program Director, Nebraska HOBY

Nebraska HOBY

“Lamarr and his Passion for Leadership presentation were right on target.  HOBY Nebraska is a leadership program for high school students. We enable students to learn how to think, not what to think.  Lamarr tailored his presentation to our objectives, and reinforced HOBY’s mission.  Lamarr was extremely uplifting and energetic.  He had the crowd on its feet, and not only touched 200 participants, but also their parents and guests.  The feedback we received from the students was outstanding, and we cannot wait to have Lamarr back out our next leadership seminar!”

Deanna Thiede

Media Specialist and Student Council Advisor, Prairie High School - IA

Prairie High School - IA

“Lamarr had the students engaged before his presentation even began.  Lamarr had student attention during his entire presentation.  This is the best assembly we’ve had at our school.  Lamarr’s message is for ALL students, not just high flyers.  Lamarr was easy to work with, professional and passionate. Lamarr engages students with a terrific sense of humor and motivates with his empowering message.  Thanks for everything. The students are still talking about you!”

Cheryl Kreikermeier

Guidance Counselor, Wisner–Pilger Schools

Wisner–Pilger Schools

“Lamarr Womble with Passion for Leadership not only spoke to the entire Wisner-Pilger Jr-Sr High School student body and staff, but he also impacted and changed their lives.  Lamarr’s message of living life with a purpose full of passion reached all ages. Lamarr’s unique style of delivery was energetic and charismatic.  It is easy to see why Lamarr is such a success – he lives the lifestyle that he teaches.  He has indeed found his life’s passion and we were lucky enough to have him share that with us!  Thanks again for such an outstanding day!  I have heard wonderful things about both you and Mike all day long.  The kids here are very excited for their futures and they are dreaming big – thanks for making that happen.”

Dr. Kreslyn Kelly

President and CEO, Premier Leadership Academy

Premier Leadership Academy

“Lamarr Womble!  What an inspiration!  During our partnership at a school in Youngstown, OH he wooed more than 600 8th and 9th graders with his energy, enthusiasm and “Passion for Leadership”.  He garners the attention of his audience with ease and causes them to listen, intently.  Lamarr is also a joy to work with, as I found during the planning stages.  He asks the right questions, because he wants to bring he best to the opportunity.  And, he does just that.  I look forward to our future projects; for, I can’t think of a better person in which to collaborate!”

Lyle K.

Student, University of Nebraska Omaha

University of Nebraska Omaha

“P4L was a great reminder of how you should represent yourself as an individual.  It also encourages students to be humble and explore things that you enjoy.  Overall, Lamarr and his presentation was good for all students!”

Najah H.

English Teacher and Poet,

“ I just got back to Oklahoma City from Lawrence, KS where I attended the Big XII Conference on Black Student Government.  I attended a Passion for Leadership workshop and it changed my ENTIRE view of what I want to start putting my effort and focus into in my last year (maybe) as an undergraduate.
I cannot thank you enough for what you do!  Not only have you mastered the art of facilitating the development of passion, but you are a very insightful and a good people reader.”